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A Call To Shoulders

AVAC is proud to put the word out about a new initiative for vets!

Learning a new skill is beneficial to many in life. Trying new things, being creative and inventive is surely the spice of life. There’s a benefit to learning new skills for our vets and heroes.

Our friend Greg Ziloli has started ‘A Call To Shoulders’ ; it’s all about doing good and positive things for vets. His woodworking shop is open to vets who may have time on their hands and looking for something to do. For our veterans who may also suffer from PTSD; the literal tools of creativity and exceptional design are in their hands!

This is a simple idea. Teach veterans how to make items that already sell at no cost to them that cuts down their learning curve and increases their chances for success and ability to determine their own future.

Please visit the Facebook page for ‘A Call To Shoulders’. Pass the information along and support this powerful Aurora initiative!

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